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"one of the most celebrated and versatile French Caribbean writers, Suzanne Dracius." (Caraf)
"Suzanne is an acclaimed writer of numerous novels and articles ; she is also a distinguished professor" (Ann Armstrong Scarboro, Ph.D.)
« it’s a beautiful book, very interesting and so well-written ! Congratulations ! »
(Clara Arosio)

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mercredi 3 août 2022

THE DANCING OTHER, Suzanne Dracius’s novel

CULTURE/BOOK - THE DANCING OTHER, Suzanne Dracius’s novel
- Suzanne Dracius : A very committed Martinican writer

lundi 1er avril 2019

World Literature Today - The Dancing Other by Suzanne Dracius

The novel closes in a powerful way. I cried. Originally published thirty years ago, The Dancing Other is possibly even more relevant today.

lundi 10 décembre 2018

THE DANCING OTHER, Suzanne Dracius’s novel

THE DANCING OTHER, Suzanne Dracius’s novel L’AUTRE QUI DANSE Seagull Books, december 2018 :
BUY THIS BOOK The Dancing Other - Suzanne Dracius - Distributed for Seagull Books by The University of Chicago Press Book
A Caribbean novel on identity by Suzanne Dracius - The Dancing (...)

mercredi 12 juillet 2017

Nancy N. Carlson - Translation of Suzanne Dracius’s "The Dancing Other"

In a 10 Questions, Nancy Naomi Carlson discusses her translation of Suzanne Dracius’s "The Dancing Other" (L’autre qui danse, in The Massachusetts Review, Summer 2017 issue

vendredi 25 novembre 2016

A Translated Novel Excerpt from Suzanne Dracius’ The Dancing Other

The rats are hiding out, now that it’s broad daylight. Too many humans have overrun their realm, but rodents and bugs are still masters of the house, as evidenced by a thousand signs, a thousand little teeth marks, suspect damage, carcasses crawling with ants, and dozens of holes strategically placed in the squalid, stale-smelling building."